How can the Vaughn Auctions staff work for RE/MAX’?

On several occasions we have been asked the question “How can you work at Vaughn Auctions & RE/MAX’?”.  It’s simple at Vaughn Auctions we see it as a partnership vs competition.  A majority of the real estate properties that are auctioned are not ideal for a traditional listing just as some traditional listings are not ideal for auction.  By working for both companies it provides us with the tools and experience to properly assess our clients situation to determine the best solution with minimal stress.

Last year we had a client who owned a large amount of farm ground with a family home on the property.  The owner was at the point in her life where the property was becoming too large to maintain and she was ready for the next phase in her life.  Once she made the decision to sell, she wanted a quick transition so she could be settled in her new home before winter.  For this particular client due to her needs and the size of her property a real estate auction was the best solution.  Within 60 days of signing the auction contract she had a committed buyer for her 60+ acres.  At that point we were then able to help her find a condo in her community by utilizing the real estate company.  Therefore, within a 90 day timeframe she had sold her farmgound and moved into her condo with the services of both Vaughn Auction and the real estate company.

Recently, we have had some situations where agents in our real estate office have listed homes that were part of an estate of a deceased relative .  In addition to selling the house, there were personal items that needed to be removed.  Therefore, Vaughn Auctions was contacted and after evaluating the content of the house Vaughn Auctions did a cash purchase and removed the items from the home.  Dealing with an estate of a loved one can be a very difficult and emotional time.  With Vaughn Auctions partnering with RE/MAX agents to offer this service it allows us to lessen the stress that our clients may feel.

In the fall we had a client contact us wanting to list a piece of real estate property.  This property was listed with a real estate company for about 3 months.  Around the 3 month mark our client had a personal issue that created an urgancy to quickly sell the real estate listing with minimal hassle.  Due the urgency and other factors we advised our client to auction the property.  This property was sold by Vaughn Auctions and we closed within 60 days of signing the auction contract.

The above example are just a few of the many ways that Vaughn Auctions can work together with a real estate company.  With this partnership we are able to offer our clients options that can be tailored to fit the needs of their situation.  Therefore, we are able to create a strong relationship with our clients with the trust that they deserve.

From Auctions to Real Estate we have you covered!