Auction Services

We provide a wide selection of custom property auctions to meet your needs. Whether you need to auction farmland, real estate or personal property, we have the experienced staff for your situation.

For all auctions, Vaughn Auctions provides a marketing solution tailored to your specific needs. Our standard options include print advertising, a listing on the Vaughn Auctions website, social media, and AuctionZip. We take detailed pictures of your items and even provide video to maximize exposure. For farmland properties with acreage, drone technology is utilized to create an aerial video. Vaughn Auctions takes pride in offering a personal touch combined with the latest technology.

Farmland Auction

We firmly believe that a majority of farms will generate the best value if sold by auction.

How many “For Sale” signs have you seen posted on farmland for a year or more?

With an auction, competition is stimulated providing fair opportunities for all potential buyers to react. This results in a realistic price per acre. Depending on the amount of acres, our company has the expertise to determine if the property can be split into multiple parcels. With a multiple parcel auction, buyers have the ability to buy a single parcel, combination or the entire property.

Other benefits of an auction include the following:

  • The seller gets to set the date, time and location for the sale of the property.
  • We will sell the property AS-IS. Therefore, no negotiations on repairs
  • A successful bidder is required to have a non-refundable deposit and close within 30 days.
  • Asking price is eliminated to avoid overpricing property
  • A quick sale of the property eliminates months or years of waiting for it to sell.
  • Allows for everyone to have an equal and fair chance to buy the property.

Real Estate Auction

We will meet with you to determine if it is best to auction or list your real estate property. It is typical to auction homes that are part of an estate or for those individuals who need to sell quickly. Throughout the process, we analyze the market to determine if a reserve is needed and what that amount should be.  The benefits listed under Farmland Auctions also apply to real estate auctions.

Personal and Estate Property Auction

Many people desire to liquidate collections, estates, or even single items as quickly as possible. We understand what it takes to sell your possessions quickly while maximizing your potential profit.

Our process is simple – we look at the personal items you wish to auction to determine if there is enough for a sale. If so, we’ll sit down with you to discuss the process for the property auction to sell your possessions at fair market value. After you sign a contract with us, you’re done! Our crew takes care of everything while you sit back and relax.

Note: If you do not have enough items for a Personal Property Auction we may purchase the items from you to be combined with future auctions.

RE/MAX – Advanced Realty – The Stewart Home Group

At Vaughn Auctions, several of our staff members are realtors for RE/MAX. This association allows us to assess your property to determine weather listing or auction is the best method to sell your property.

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