Home Sweet Home at 4630 Iowa Street in Clayton Indiana

We have lived at 4630 Iowa Street in Clayton for 40 years. It is “home” for all three of our kids, and has provided many special memories, one of which was sliding down the banister (without the parents’ knowledge). Who knows what else? Lots of holiday celebrations have been held within these walls. And, now we have our grandchildren to share memories of Grandma and Papaw’s place.

Our kids walked to school, rode bikes in the parking lot, and liked being close to the school playground. Our backyard was roomy enough at different times for a clubhouse, a garden, camping out, and bonfires. And we made it through the blizzard of ’78 with neighbors helping out each other.

The house was built pre-Civil War. Even though it is evident the house was remodeled years ago, before we moved in, it still has character and feels very homey. With curved archways, a beautiful wood banister, crown molding and the tall ceilings make the rooms seem larger.

We added an attached 2-car garage (Yay! No more scraping snow and ice in the mornings), which also has a storage area plus a partial loft also used for storage. We added a second bathroom and wondered how we had raised our kids with only one. Another project was building a sunroom, where we relax and play cards year-round.

During the time we have lived here, there have been many improvements. In the kitchen, changes include refinished cabinets and a garden window. New subflooring was installed.

New windows were installed in the house, plus a new front door, and aluminum- clad exterior wood.

Several years ago the original bathroom was completely gutted and remodeled.

Upstairs, a wall was torn down to make the area more open. Depending on your needs this space could easily be turned into a 3rd bedroom. In fact when our kids were growing up this was a bedroom for 2 of them.

About 10 years ago a new roof was installed on the back part of the house. About 5 years ago, a new roof was put on main part of the house.

We have enjoyed living in Clayton. We have made life-long friends, and will continue to remember happy thoughts about our home here.