4311 S County Road 200 E Clayton, IN 46118 – 41+ acres SOLD

Property Location: 4311 S County Road 200 E Clayton, IN 46118

41+ acres that will be divided into 3 parcels.

Parcel 1 – 1.5 Acres that will include the house, detached garage, barn and utility shed
Parcel 2 – 20+ Acres – This is the north side of the property that is primary tillable ground, small pasture and a pondclayton-auction
Parcel 3 – 20+ Acres – This is the south side of the property a large section is tillable ground and a small pasture area
The House
Is a 2 story home that was built in 1937 with giant timber joists, and completely renovated in the 1960s, with a total of 2023 sq ft for the main and 2nd floor and another 1140 sq ft of unfinished basement space. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms (including a deep clawfoot tub in the basement bathroom). The property has a detached garage which is about 576 sq. ft.; a large, old-fashioned barn with hayloft and built-in cattle-loading ramp and mangers; a large, drive-thru utility shed; and a small henhouse. Some of the unique features of the house include: hardwood floors that are in good condition, a beautifully curved wood staircase, built-in storage including a cedar-lined closet, and a sun room.
Over the years, improvements have included new furnace; central air conditioning; a new, deeper well and new pump; new roof; sump pump; and new bathroom tile. The sump pump is less than a year old, and the A/C was replaced within the last three years.HopperBarn&Items11
Unique features include: a functioning (non-potable) dug well with old-fashioned long-handled pump; old-fashioned “fruit room” in the basement with an earthen floor and bins for potatoes, etc.; terraced yard; heated wellhouse (with tricky custom indicator lights inside to show when the heat is on, or when the pump is running); the potential for the unfinished basement to function as nearly separate apartment if necessary, including a kitchenette and fireplace; little eccentric touches such as a “hidden compartment” in the wooden fire place mantel; high quality plasterwork, different in each room, executed according to the home’s original owner by “an Italian master craftsman;” dark-stained walnut built-in bookcases with base drawers in the sun room; a built-in workbench in the garage; and (most unusual of all) the annual return of a colony of swallows that nest in the barn and over the porch, which is something to value very highly—they live harmlessly in mud nests in which they raise their babies every year, and spend the summer swooping through the fields and yard eating mosquitos as an all-natural pest control service.
See our blog post for additional details regarding the history of the house http://vaughn-auctions.com/?p=773


Soil Types
Brookston (Bs)
Crosby-Miami (CsB2)
Crosby (CrA)
Hennepin (HeF)
Miami (MmB2)
Shoals (Sh)
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